Your Objective

Use salinity data across different periods of time from the North Pacific Ocean to look if there are patterns over a year.

Select a season to zoom to see:

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Data Tips

When the site loads, you are able to see the full dataset of salinity data from the Coastal Endurance's Near Shelf Surface Mooring. You can interact with the data by:

Questions for Thought

Orientation Questions
  • Across what time periods are you able to observe salinity data in this graph?
  • What is the first month and year there are data?
  • What is the last month and year there are data?
Interpretation Questions
  • What changes or patterns did you observe in salinity over this time period in the Northern Pacific Ocean?
  • When did you see these changes or patterns?
  • What questions do you still have about why salinity changes over time?

Background Information

Click on the images below to learn more about where and how the dataset above was collected.

Dataset Information

The data for this activity was obtained from the following CTD instrument:

Download this Dataset

The above datasets were downloaded from the OOI data portal, and then down-sampled to hourly intervals. The data presented are from the raw record, that is, they are instantaneous measurements that have not been averaged because that would smooth out the variability in the dataset.

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