Challenge Question

Use the OOI Concept Map Builder tool to revise your original concept map of primary production.

How to Create a Concept Map

Important: You can only create maps using a desktop or laptop computer. Tablets and mobile devices that do not support Flash cannot be used with this tool

  1. Log into the OOI Ocean Education Portal. You must be logged into the website to create and save concept maps.
  2. Click on the Concept Maps link on the OOI home page menu bar and select My Concept Map.
  3. Select your original primary productivity concept map, which will open.
  4. Select Copy in the top right corner of the concept map. A new workspace with a copy of the original map will appear to make your edits, additions, deletions, etc. Make sure to change the title of the new concept map and save the map.
  5. For more information of how to work in the Concept Map Builder, open and read the Creating a Concept Map Using the OOI Ocean Education Portal resource.

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