Looking for ways to connect your undergraduates in introductory courses with authentic data from the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)?

What are Data Explorations?

We provide a range of free, interactive Data Explorations using authentic, raw data that is relevant to various concepts you are already teaching in introductory courses. The Data Explorations are quick (15-20 minute) interactions with data so that you can easily integrate them into your current classroom teaching while increasing your students understanding of the concept.

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New Collections

Diatoms through a microscope

Exploring Primary Production with OOI Data

Through these activities, we will explore primary production in greater detail. Primary production is the rate at which organisms store energy through the formation of organic matter (carbon-based compounds), using energy derived from solar radiation during photosynthesis or from chemical reactions during chemosynthesis.

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Ocean wave

Exploring Properties of Seawater with OOI Data

These activities explore properties of seawater in greater detail, to be used as Exploration or Application activities. The properties of seawater explored include: salinity variations over time and space, processes that affect surface seawater salinity, changes in pH with depth, relationship between pH and oceanic pCO2 for the carbonate buffering system, variations in salinity with depth over time and space, and the depth of the halocline over time and space.

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Exploring Tectonics & Seamounts with OOI Data

These activities explore characteristics of seamounts and tectonics in greater detail, to be used as Exploration or Application activities. The properties of seamounts and tectonics explored include: tectonic features and patterns found at divergent and transform boundaries, growth and decay of hydrothermal vents, and tectonic features and patterns of change at seamounts over time.

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Faculty Workshops

Faculty interested in using these activities or getting involved in future pilot projects should check out our upcoming and past workshops.